SwyxWare v4.33 Hotfix 1 (kb2877)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare CD v4.33
  • SwyxWare v4.33

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Swyx releases the SwyxWare v4.33 Hotfix 1.

Please note the common hints on hotfixes in the following Knowledgebase article:


This hotfix 1 resolves the following problems:


  • SwyxGate service didn't stop.
    (Swyx00007722 - Hotfix 1)
  • No early tones if SwyxLink call is routed through remote SwyxGate.
    (Swyx00008071 - Hotfix 1)
  • The Speaker does not always work with L420e.
    (Swyx00008078 - Hotfix 1)
  • It's not possbile to send DTMF tones after pressing a single * or #.
    (Swyx00008083 - Hotfix 1)
  • Changing the alert sound within a "ConnectTo" block will lead to ignoring the configured timeout.
    (Swyx00008103 - Hotfix 1)
  • Switching to handfree mode during a call terminates this call.
    (Swyx00008110 - Hotfix 1)
  • No more gateway calls are possible after automatic restart of IpPbxGate service.
    (Swyx00008111 - Hotfix 1)
  • 'NoExtensionTimeout' does not work as expected.
    (Swyx00008161 - Hotfix 1)

Further informations and a detailed installation instruction can be found in the included README.TXT file.


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