L400 factory reset (kb2846)

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  • SwyxPhone L400

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In the administration manual for the OptiPoint 410 entry phone the factory reset is described in a rather ambiguous manner. Here the process is described in detail.


Firmware versions v2.x.x

  1. Remove from power
  2. Remove network cable
  3. Lift the receiver
  4. Press keys 2 8 9 at the same and keep them down
  5. Reconnect to power
  6. Release the keys 2 8 9 after one minute or two (all LEDs go on after releasing)
  7. Enter the reset password 124816 and press # to confirm. (phone reboots)

Firmware versions 5.x.x

  1. Remove from network
  2. Restart phone (by a short disconnect from power)
  3. Wait until the phone is entirely rebooted (all LEDs on)
  4. Press simultanously the keys 1 0 3 for a short time, enter the password (default: 123456) and press # to confirm (all LEDs flash)
  5. Press simultanously the keys 2 8 9 for a short time (all LEDs on), enter 124816# (all LEDs go off, the phone restarts)



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