SwyxWare v4.31 Hotfix 1 (kb2821)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare CD v4.31
  • SwyxWare v4.31

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Swyx releases the SwyxWare v4.31 Hotfix 1.


This hotfix resolves the following problem:

  • Calls to unregistered users with numbers starting with pub. acc. pref. not delivered.

    Note: The above-mentioned defect applies to the following scenario only: One or more SwyxWare users have assigned numbers starting with the public access prefix configured for SwyxWare. Example: Public access prefix is 0 and user has extension 02 assigned. In that case a call to user 02 is not delivered if the user is not logged on, i.e. the user's call routing script is not executed. With this hotfix such configurations are possible again.

Further informations and a detailed installation instruction can be found in the included README.TXT file.

Please note the common hints on hotfixes in the following Knowledgebase article:


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