New Feature in SwyxWare v4.31 (kb2801)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v4.33
  • SwyxWare v4.32
  • SwyxWare v4.31

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This document describes the enhancements of SwyxWare from V4.30 to V4.31.


1.1 Improvement of the SwyxPhone L400 user interface
There will be a number of improvements available in the L400 user interface. It will be possible to log off with the L400 and also the ringing volume and type are changeable.

1.2 Firmware Update Support for SwyxPhone L400 and L440
It will be automatically detected, that SwyxServer contains a new firmware for the SwyxPhones and after confirmation of the user this new firmware will be downloaded to the SwyxPhone. It will work the same way as with SwyxPhone L420.

1.3 Improvement in SwyxIt! for Terminal Server Configurations
The behavior of SwyxIt! in CTI-mode will be changed to better support the Terminal Server operation.

  • The TAPI Service Provider (TSP) will run on a Terminal Server.
  • SwyxIt! runs on Terminal Server per default as CTI Master
  • No Fallback to Non-CTI mode, if no CTI-Licenses are available or no CTI Slave is found
  • No activation of the Sound Wizard or the Announcement Wizard
  • No warning when using skins with too many colors
  • When the Terminal Session will be disconnected, SwyxIt! will log off automatically as SwyxUser
  • When a disconnected Terminal Session will be proceeded, SwyxIt! will log in again automatically

1.4 Support KIRK IP600
The DECT-Basestation IP600 from Kirk for small and medium enterprises will be supported. Following features are available:

  • Up to 35 GAP-compatible handsets per base station
  • Up to 6 calls simultaneously per base station
  • Up to 6 repeater per base station
  • Administration via WEB-Interface
  • Parallel login of a SwyxUsers with a SwyxIt! or SwyxPhone and a DECT-handset. This means the SwyxIt! and the DECT-handset will ring simultaneously and the SwyxUser may accept the call on either device
  • Call Hold, Call Swap and Call Retrieve is supported, Call Transfer will be available with version V4.33 (December 2004).
  • On the display of the DECT-handset, the name or the number of the caller will be displayed if available
  • The IP600 does not support any compression, e.g. a SwyxIt!, configured to always use compression, cannot communicate with a DECT-handset.
  • The DECT spezification does not support the login/logoff of handsets. This means, no status signalling on SwyxWare is possible. That also means, that a user with a DECT handset shows always the state "logged in", even so the DECT handset is switched off. The state "speaking" is supported.

1.5 Support of analog POTS lines
SwyxGate supports analog POTS lines using the Inline MM board of Pika Technologies. The configuration in the SwyxWare-Administration fort he gateway lines will be enhanced.

1.6 Input of Parameters for GSE-Rules and Actions
This feature will allow to use GSE-Rules and Actions in Call Routing Manager and also to set parameters for them, without the need to change the rules or actions with the Graphical Script Editors.
This offers the administrator to generate GSE-rules an -actions and to provide them to SwyxUsers, even those SwyxUsers who do not have the rights to open the GSE.

1.7 Run Action-Block
The new Run Action block allows it to call GSE-Actions within a GSE-Script and to set the necessary parameters. This opens the possibility to enhance the GSE by using predefined GSE-Actions.

1.8 Start TTS-Block
The Start TTS-block activates the new Text-To-Speech-Modul. The block offers parameters for entering text or a filename of a text file. The language of the speech synthesis (German or English) can be selected.
The text will be converted to a wav file. One can select, if the blocks waits until the conversion is finished or if the conversion is just initiated.

1.9 Wait for TTS-Block
The Wait for TTS-block is used after the Start TTS-Block and is used to wait until the conversion of the text to a wav file is finished.

1.10 CRM/GSE-Improvements
1. All blocks, which did not have a "Disconnected-Output" will be enhanced with such a "Disconnected-Output".
2. The "Timeout-Output" of the ConnectTo-block will be used only, when the call has been really delivered, e.g. the device rang and after a certain time of ringing the timeout occurred. It will not be used, when the call could not be delivered (no ringing) for example when the SwyxUser is logged off.
When the option "Proceed with Destination Script" is activated, but the destination has no script, e.g. it is an external destination, the "Connected-Output" will be used.
A new output is introduced, "Not delivered", when the SwyxUser is logged off.

1.11 Post Dialing Digits in GSE-Scripts
It is possible now, to use the Post Dialing Digits in the GSE. Post Dialing Digits are dialed digits which exceed the dialed extension.

1.12 Channel-License for TTS
A new license is introduced for the Text-To-Speech Modul. With the license it is possible to use the new GSE blocks Start TTT and Wait for TTS. Also the reading of emails is available within the Remote Inquiry.
The license will count TTS-channels, this means that exact as many TTS instances may run in parallel as the number of licensed TTS-channels. If one tries to use more TTS instances as licensed, a failure will be generated and the "Failure-Output" of the Start TTS-block will be used.

1.13 Extension Ranges for SwyxUser
It is possible now to enter a range of extensions when configuring a SwyxUser similar to the number ranges in SwyxGate Lines.

1.14 Fake-Extensions can be set in SwyxWare Administration
The administrator can configure in the SwyxUser configuration for each line a fake extension. If the fake extension is set by the administrator, this fake extension will always be used, when the User make an outgoing call on this line. If this fake extension is set by the administrator, the user cannot select other extensions for this line anymore.


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