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This document describes the extensions of the SwyxWare version V4.33 to the version V4.40.


Introduction :
Starting with SwyxWare Version V4.40, SwyxIt! V4.40 will no longer support Windows ME, Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstation. This means, that beginning with SwyxWare V4.40 SwyxIt! will only run on Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional machines to make use of the advanced sound processing features of these operation systems.
If MSFT legacy OS versions, which are also not longer supported by Microsoft, have to be used, the customer has to work with a version V4.3x of SwyxIt. The Clients V4.3x will work in a SwyxServer V4.40 or newer environment. But - of course - this may not offer the new functions of that version.

Support of SIP Phones
With this version SIP phones are supported. We will choose some types, e.g. Snom, Siemens, Grandstream, etc and a WIFI phone (Zyxel) to test with. Basic call control is possible and some Supplementary Services such as Hold, Retrieve, Call Transfer will be available. Other Supplementary Services, as Conference, Call Forwarding, etc must be examined.
NB: The connectivity to SIP service providers will be included in a later version.

SwyxWare V4.40 will betested with the following SIP Hard- or Soft Phones:

Cisco 7940, Polycom SoundPoint IP600 SIP, Grandstream BT101, Grandstream HandyTone 486 ATA, Uiden UID200, Zyxel P2000W, Giptel G100/G200, Snom 190/220, Microsoft Windows Messenger, X-Ten X-Pro, SJPhone Windows XP, SJPhone Pocket PC.

The results will be published in a seperate KB-Article:

Update licenses
The update to version V4.40 will cost a certain update charge and this will apply in general as well to all follow-up versions. That means that the current license keys for the old versions are not valid for V4.40 anymore. New keys will be available, which apply for SwyxWare V4.40 and update keys, which are valid together with an older key only. These update keys permit an update from an old version (<= V4.3x) to the current version V4.40.
In order to avoid any mixed configuration, which may introduce additional support problems all components (SwyxGate, SwyxLink, ConfMgr, PhoneMgr...) have to have the same major and minor version number and may only differ in the bug fixing release number e.g. V4.43 will work with V4.40, but not V4.40 with V4.31.
Because of the update charge, we will maintain the SwyxWare V4.3x for a certain time (12 months?) to provide bug fixing for users who do not want to update to 4.40 because of additional costs.

Limitation of the multiple registration
The registration of multiple devices (e.g. SwyxIt!, SwyxPhone, SIP-Phone, H.323-Phone for the same user is limited to four devices. This avoids the misusage of our "multiple login" feature for call center scenarios, where all agents often are logged in as the same SwyxUser.

Licenses for SwyxFax Server
The FaxUser licenses are not treated as "Option Packs" any longer: Therefore, the number of FaxUsers does not necessarily has to be identical to the number of SwyxUsers. The fax channel licenses remain unchanged.

Integration of SwyxFax V2.00
A special SwyxUser for SwyxFax Server is automatically generated during SwyxWare installation like the operator user.

Distinction of the "logged in" state between devices of a SwyxUser
The SwyxUser will be able to define, which of his devices is used to derive his state "logged in". SwyxPhone and/or SwyxIt! and/or SwyxIt! CTI and/or H.323- and/or SIP-Phones can be configured.

System Parameters: "Responsiblity for non-deliverable-calls"
In the SwyxWare Administration it will be possible to assign a SwyxUser, who will get all non-deliverable-calls (e.g. calls to an unassigned or missing extension).

MS Exchange GAL support
In addition of the Contacts the Outlook AddIn will support the Global Address List (GAL) of MS Exchange. The SwyxIt! Name resolution will use the GAL in addition to the Contact Lists. It is possible to confige the usage of the GAL for the name resolution in the Exta/Options/SwyxIt! Name rsolution Tab. It is not possible to add a dial button to the Global Addressbook Window, so we will change the behaviour of the SwyxIt Dial Button tin the Outlook Toolbar. Actually this Dial Button is disabled for all view exept contact view. It will be possible with V4.40 to hit the Dial Button in all views, but if there is no contact selected, the contact name in the SwyxIt! Dial window will be empty. An addtitional "To" button will open the Global Addressbook Window (the same way as the To-Button works when creating a new mail). After selecting a name and closing the Global Addressbook Window this name is filled in the SwyxIt! Dial window and used to establish an outgoing call.

User parameter to block functions
It will be possible for the administrator to enable or disable various SwyxIt! functions as Sound Wizard, User Profile, setting of Call Forwarding and Local Settings. In the SwyxWare Administration in the Rights Tab of each user, additionally to the possibility to enable/disable the usage of the GSE etc. there will be 4 new entries to enable or disable the usage of the Sound Wizard or the configuration of the User Profile, the setiing of the Call Forwarding destinations or the Local Settings. When creationg a new SwyxUser the default of these 4 new rights will be enabled.

Speakerphone using the SwyxIt! Handset P250
The loudspeaker of the P250 can be activated during a call with the handset in order to allow other people in the room to listen to the conversation.
The realization without SwyxIt! skin changes will work as described:
At present the Headset key of the P250 can be used at any time to switch between handset and headset. This is changed; the switch between headset and handset will be possible only when the handset is hook on. If the headset is active, the Headset key LED is on.
If the handset is hook off, the Headset key is used to activate the loudspeaker in addition to the handset. This situation is signaled by flashing the Headset key LED as long as the P250 is in speaker mode.

Changes in the Scripting Interface

  • Function in the call routing script to enumerate all members of a group. The extension of the group is handed over to the function as parameter and in an array all members and their own Extensions are returned
  • The inquiry of the user status (logged in, Busy...) of other SwyxUser or of groups from the call routing script is possible.


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