Feature list SwyxFax V2.00 (kb2798)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxFax Server v2.01
  • SwyxWare v5.00
  • SwyxFax Server v2.00
  • SwyxWare v4.40
  • SwyxWare v4.33

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This document describes the list of planned features of SwyxFax V2.00, the release is scheduled for January 2005.


The Important Features

SwyxFax is the ideal enhancement for our IP-PBX SwyxWare and utilizes the PSTN interface boards (ISDN- or analog) of SwyxGate to send or receive Faxes. SwyxFax Server can be installed on any server machine as service in a Windows Domain. There is no need any more to do the installation on the Gateway PC. This removes the dependencies between SwyxFax Server and the various PSTN interface boards (all boards can be used for SwyxFax!). In Multi-Site-Installations this allows totally new configurations.

Documents can be faxed easily direct from each desktop PC from any application program (MS Word, Excel, etc.). There is no need to print the document on paper first, just “print” it to a virtual Fax Printer. The received faxes will be delivered in the inbox of your Email Clients e.g. Outlook as it is done with voicemails within SwyxWare.

Sending Faxes

  • It is possible to send a fax by “print” it to a virtual Fax Printer from any windows application, which is capable to print.
  • Generation of a cover page including name, company, department, etc.
  • Sending a Quickfax, e.g. a cover page including a short message
  • Usage of forms and letterheads. One can differentiate between the first page and following pages.
  • Configurable retry count and retry time
  • Delayed transmission to optimize the transmission charges
  • Usage of SwyxWare Least Cost Routing Function (Germany only)
  • Option: Transmit with normal or high resolution
  • Usage of Outlook-Contacts and the global address list of Exchange (GAL)
  • Transmission of a fax to multiple receivers, either the same fax or a personalized fax with individual fields for name, greeting, etc. This is realized by using the serial letter function of MS Word.
  • Internal fax transmission to other SwyxFax users or fax machines with no transmission charges
  • Redirection of received faxes to other users or fax machines
  • Printed protocol of all fax transmissions
  • Archiving of sended faxes in various formats (TIFF, BMP, DCX, PCX)
  • Fax Preview
  • Priorisation of transmit jobs
  • Sending Faxes from 3rd party applications via command line option 

Receiving Faxes

  • Automatic distribution of received faxes to the dialed extension or MSN
  • Distribution of faxes which can not associated with a specific FaxUser to a fax operator or the administrator
  • Fast display of fax documents on the client screen
  • Redirection of received faxes to other SwyxFax users or fax machines
  • Archiving of received faxes in various formats (TIFF, BMP, DCX, PCX)
  • Automatic print of received faxes
  • Delivery of received faxes as email with a TIFF-attachment
  • All functions of the SwyxWare Call Routing and the ECRwill be available for incoming faxes, e.g. redirection depending on time or date or CallerID to other SwyxFax users or fax machines.


  • Separate journals for receiving and transmitted faxes, for transmission tasks and for failed transmissions.
  • Configurable automatic print of the fax journals
  • Archive function, which asks the user to store fax documents older than 30 days.


  • True Client/Server-Architecture
  • SwyxFax Server runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 Server
  • Client-Software SwyxFax Client runs on Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional.
  • The SwyxFax Client runs on a Windows Terminal Server
  • Licensingschema which counts the number of FaxUser. This number must no longer be the same as the number of SwyxUser. (Caution: This change in the Licensing needs SwyxWare V4.40)
  • SwyxFax Server can be installed on multiple machines in a LAN either for load balancing of for backup reasons.
  • The installation of SwyxFax Server can be done on any machine, there is no need any more to do it on the Gateway PC.
  • SwyxFax Server registers as T.38-Terminal with SwyxServer.


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