SwyxWare v4.21 Hotfix 10 (kb2780)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare CD v4.21
  • SwyxWare v4.21

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Swyx releases the SwyxWare v4.21 Hotfix 10.


This hotfix 8 includes also the hotfixes

and resolves the following problems:

  • SwyxWare fails to start on a system with more than 30 shared folders.
    (Swyx00006896 - Hotfix 1)
  • Access violation when server write CDR in DB during call transfer.
    See: Write Call Details Records into a database (kb2491)
    (Swyx00006906 - Hotfix 1)

  • The programmable "Hook On/Off" key does not work at all. To get the hotfix working you need to reconfigure also the programmable key again to "Hook On/Off".
    (Swyx00006950 - Hotfix 1)
  • MultiCAPI scenario does not work if CAPI controller > 11 is used.
    (Swyx00006952 - Hotfix 1)
  • Italian version ONLY: Wrong caller list entry for calls from PSTN.
    (Swyx00006959 - Hotfix 2)
  • No T.38 fax calls from gateway to IP21 adapter possible.
    (Swyx00007049 - Hotfix 3)
  • SwyxGate should be restarted by SwyxWare Helper when no RTP/RTCP ports could be allocated.
    (Swyx00007147 - Hotfix 4)
  • If a user is logged in with more than two devices the immediate redirection and "CheSe" does not work correct on some scenarious.
    (Swyx00007097 - Hotfix 5)
  • Bugfix: PhoneMgr produces access violations.
    (Hotfix 5)
  • SwyxGate does not free approx. 120 byte of memory per call.
    (Swyx00007208 - Hotfix 6)
  • No mediastreaming to call originator.
  • (Swyx00007236 - Hotfix 6)
  • SwyxServer does not proceed with script correctly after ConnectTo to a handy which is not available.
    (Swyx00007237 - Hotfix 6)
  • The caller list is not timely ordered.
    (Swyx00007295, Hotfix 7)
  • PhoneMgr produces access violations.
    (Hotfix 7)
  • Additionally SwyxServer service in this version detects changes in numberreplacement.xml automatically. There's no need to restart the service after changing the file.
    (Hotfix 7)
  • SwyxServer does not proceed with script correctly after ConnectTo to a handy which is not available.
    (Swyx00007237 - Hotfix 8)
  • Script 'WaitForDisconnect' does not work if call got transferred.
    (Swyx00007243 - Hotfix 8)
  • In a special situation called device continues to ring after ConnectTo times out and after called device accepts the call the connection will be dropped after a short period.
    (Swyx00007307 - Hotfix 8)
  • It should be possible to record a voicemail announcement from a SwyxPhone, even if the remote voicemail inquiry is not configuered (correctely).
    (Swyx00007464 - Hotfix 9)

  • SwyxPhone displays accepted calls in "new calls list".
    (Swyx00007483 - Hotfix 9)

  • A group call problem introduced by hotfix 8 have been solved.
    (Hotfix 10)

Please note that this hotfix is language depanding. Install the hotfix in the same language as your Swyx Server !

Further informations and a detailed installation instruction can be found in the included README.TXT file.


Please note the common hints on hotfixes in the following Knowledgebase article:


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