How to connect SwyxPhone L400, L420e, L420s and L440 to SwyxWare (kb2778)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v4.30

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SwyxWare v4.31 supports the new phone types L400, L420e, L420s and L440. This article explains how to connect those phones to SwyxWare of that version.


Please note, these phone types currently do not support QoS marks (IEEE 802.1p). SwyxPhone L400-L440 need to be connected to switch ports that send Ethernet frames without IEEE 802.1p-marks. In non switched networks all devices (PCs, phones) that have traffic with SwyxPhone L400-L440, may not use IEEE 802.1p-marked frames.

PhoneController service

SwyxPhone of the above mentioned types no longer support the automatic configuration of the PhoneManager address through DHCP oder DNS, as SwyxPhone L420 does. To avoid the manual configuration on each phone, SwyxWare has been extended by the new service called “SwyxPhoneController“.
The PhoneController distributes from a central point in the network the IP address of the PhoneManager to the SwyxPhones, such that they connect to their PhoneManager on startup. In the SwyxWare Administration you can configure the required parameters and start the scan, i.e. the search for the SwyxPhone devices of the above mentioned types.

Start SwyxPhone

Recommendations for SwyxPhone L400:

  • Use DHCP to assign IP addresses to the phone. As the network settings are hard to verify and to modify the usage of static IP addresses is disadviced. 
  • Use the automatic SwyxPhone login. As the currentlly logged in user is not visible on the phone, it is useless to use the phone with changing users.
  1. Start the SwyxWare Administration. Open in the server properties the „PhoneController“ tab.
  2. Enter the IP address range from which the DHCP server takes the IP addresses for the phones.
  3. Determine how long the PhoneController should search for new SwyxPhones within the network.
  4. Start the search clicking the „Start“ button.
  5. Connect one or more SwyxPhone of the above mentioned types to the LAN and to the power supply. All LEDs of the SwyxPhone go on for short and stay off for about two minutes.
    L400: Afterwards all LEDs go on.
    L420e,L420s,L440: The display shows alternating the following two messages 'No gateway address' und 'No subscriber number'.
    This state should not hold for more than 30 seconds. Otherwise verify the PhoneController settings and reactivate it if necessary.
  6. Subsequently all LEDs should start to blink (L400) or the display shows "Benutzer ?, PIN:_" (L420s, L420e, L440). You are in the PIN entry mode.
  7. Enter the PIN of the user account you want to assign to the phone and commit the PIN pressing the #-key.
Please note, that for the successful assignment of the user to a phone, the automatic logon must be enabled and the corresponding MAC-address field is empty. Both is true for a freshly created user.


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