SwyxIt! v4.30 Hotfix 1 (kb2765)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare CD v4.30
  • SwyxIt! v4.30

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Swyx releases the SwyxIt! v4.30 Hotfix 1.

Please note the common hints on hotfixes in the following Knowledgebase article:


This hotfix resolves the following problems:

  • Protection failure within line manager. This defect affects SwyxIt! and the PhoneManager being installed on the SwyxServer machine. Therefore you should also install (Swyx00007367)
  • CTI name resolution: Access violation in line manager. CTI SwyxIt! with Outlook AddIn and running Outlook. Incoming call, the number is resolved asynchronous via Outlook AddIn. When the asynchronous name resolution is handled, we get an access violation in the line manager. Problem found by customer using citrix terminal server, the client terminated with an access violation after a call.
  • Increased maximum size of Jitter-Buffer from 7 to 11 frames (each 20ms). This increases the quality of Voicecalls via jittering connections, like public Internet.
  • Graphical Script Editor failed on loading huge script files.

Further informations and a detailed installation instruction can be found in the included README.TXT file.


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