SwyxIt! on Windows Terminalserver or Citrix XenApp/Presentation Server/MetaFrame (kb2749)

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  • SwyxIt! since v4.31, Windows Terminalserver, Citrix XenApp, Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix Metaframe

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The transmission of audio data in a terminal server environment is always a critical point, especially if the quality should fit the demands of telephony.

This article describes how to use SwyxIt! in a terminal server environment.


Starting with SwyxWare v4.20, the SwyxWare provides the so called CTI Mode. If a SwyxIt! is running in CTI Mode, it will be able to remote control other devices like another SwyxIt! or an IP telephone (SwyxPhone Lxxx).

A pre-condition is that the same SwyxWare User is logged on on both devices. This feature will now enable you to run SwyxIt! on a terminal server, because this SwyxIt! will now no longer have to deal with the audiodata, which was the main problem.

If you don't want to use a SwyxPhone Lxxx or you want to use an additional USB- head- or handset, you also have to install SwyxIt! on the client PC. This SwyxIt! has merely the function to process the voice data. All control activities (dial, hold, etc.) can then made with the user interface of the SwyxIt! which is installed on the terminal server.

Swyx does not support mapping of USB-Audiodevices through the RDP/ICA session. Therefore the usage of CTI or CTI+ is mandatory on a terminal server.

Installation of SwyxIt! on a terminal server

Install SwyxIt! on the terminal server with the desired features (Outlook integration, etc.)

During the installation you will be asked if SwyxIt! should be configured as CTI Master. You should activate this option, so the CTI Mode it is activated for all Users of the terminal server automatically.
Please keep in mind, that SwyxIt! needs at least a colour depth of 256 colours during the installation. If you want to install SwyxIt! within a terminal server session, the session should be configured correctly.

Network: The SwyxIt! on the terminal server must be able to establish a direkt ip connection to the SwyxServer. If the terminal server is not located at the same location as the SwyxServer, a VPN connection for the terminal server is mandatory. Iit is not possible to use a SwyxRemoteConnector connection on a terminal server.

Installation of SwyxIt! on the client PC

If you install SwyxIt! also on the client, you can of course make a minimal installation, by just installing SwyxIt! and deactivate all other components (Outlook integration, etc.) Please run the Sound Wizard after the installation. This SwyxIt! must not be running as CTI master and should be started automatically during Windows startup.

If then SwyxIt! is started on a terminal server, it will automatically search for another device that is logged on for the same user and connect the devices. The interaction with the software can now be done on the terminal server, while the mediastreaming will be handled by the IP telephone or the locally installed SwyxIt!.

SwyxWare identifies a user by the assigned Windows user account. Because the same user has to be logged on to both devices, the following must be granted:

  1. 1. The user is logging on to the client PC with the same domain account that he uses to log on to the terminal server session.
  2. 2. If the client is not member of the domain, it is necessary to create a local user account on the SwyxServer, which has the same name and password as the local account that will be used to log on to the client PC.

In the SwyxWare Administration you then have to assign both accounts (local and domain) to the SwyxWare user.

Since SwyxIt! v4.31 the TAPI Service Provider can be used also on a terminal server.
With SwyxIt! v4.30 or older neither our TAPI Service Provider (TSP) nor SwyxIt! Fax can be run on a terminal server.

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