Configuration of Swyx H350 Headset (cordless, for COM-Port) (kb2624)

The information in this article applies to:

  • GN Netcom Headsets
  • SwyxIt! v4.30
  • SwyxIt! Headset Soundcard (COM Port)

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The Swyx H350 (cordless, with Com-Port) has two possibilities to be connected to the pc (USB, soundcard). Both ports of the device will not be detected by the SwyxIt! Soundwizard automatically. This article describes the required types of cable and the configuration steps that have to be done, so that the device works proper with the SwyxIt!.

The headset will be supported only from SwyxIt! v4.30 upward.


The cofiguration of both in the following described ports is identical.

  • Connection to the soundcard:
    • required types of cables:
      • K455 (RJ45 --> COM) for Hook-Off function
      • K430 (RJ11 --> soundcard) for audio data
    • Connect the base unit with a COM port (K445) and the sound card (K430) of your PC.


  • Connection to the USB-port:
    • required types of cables:
      • K455 (RJ45 --> COM) for Hook-Off Funktion
      • K440 (RJ11 --> QD) for audio data
      • K410 (QD --> USB) for audio data
    • Connect the base unit with a COM port (K455) and the USB port   (K440 --> K410) of your PC


  • Configuration of Swyx H350 Headsets
    • The cordless Swyx H350 Headset will not be detected automatically by the SwyxIt! SoundWizard. For a correct configuration of the device the expert mode must be chosen.
    • Please configure the device as handset, connected to the respective COM port.
    • For voice and ringing select the sound card the headset is connected to.

Additional features of the headset are: Hook function via button on headset, special ringing sound.


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