SwyxIt! Screensaver (kb2613)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! v4.30

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SwyxIt! Screensaver is a Windows Screensaver which runs together with SwyxIt!



  • Displays SwyxIt! Tips (tips.txt from SwyxIt! folder) at random screen locations when active
  • Displays incoming call information and allows accepting or rejecting a call
  • English language installation
  • Combined English/German user interface. Depending on the user’s regional settings the English or german user interface is used automatically. Note that tips are displayed in SwyxIt! installation language always.
  • German language user interface is an optional installation feature, which is disabled per default if the installing user has configured non-german regional settings.
  • Incoming calls are displayed even if the workstation is locked. This scenario is one of the main reasons for this screensaver, because it’s possible now to see who is calling even if the workstation is locked.
  • This tool was created by a Swyx Development team member in his sparetime and has not got the thorough testing as SwyxWare itself. Use it at your own risk.



  • Download the ZIP-file and extract all files into an empty folder on your harddisk.
  • Run setup.msi and follow the instructions
  • During installation, SwyxIt! Screensaver will be set as the active screensaver for the installing user. If other users log on to the same machine, they have to choose the screensaver manually. To do so, the user has to open display properties by right-clicking on the desktop, selecting property page "Screensaver" and choosing "SwyxIt! Screensaver" from the drop-down list.

Known Issues

  • SwyxIt! currently tries to stop any screensaver on incoming calls. This “feature” is linked to the “Pop up on incoming call” option, i.e. when “Pop up on incoming calls” is activated, SwyxIt! stops any screensaver. If "Pop up on incoming calls" is switched off, SwyxIt! doesn’t pop up and doesn’t bother about the screensaver. Therefore switch off "Pop up on incoming calls" if you want to keep SwyxIt! Screensaver running when a call is received.
  • SwyxIt! Screensaver currently doesn’t support preview mode, i.e. you don’t see a small preview within the display properties dialog.
  • Some of the SwyxIt! Tip titles are too long to be displayed and are currently cut of.



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