SwyxFax v1.30 (kb2595)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Fax v1.30
  • SwyxFax Server v1.30

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Swyx releases SwyxFax v1.30. This articles describes all changes and improvements in regard to the previous verison.


Changes in SwyxFax Server:

  • In contrast to earlier SwyxFax Server versions, version 1.30 uses SwyxServer v4.2x to check the validity of installed option pack licenses. Therefore you must enter your limited license keys for SwyxFax within the SwyxServer's properties in SwyxWare Administration before you install SwyxFax Server v1.30.

    Please note that you need as many SwyxFax user licenses as you have SwyxWare user licenses. The minimum of both user licenses will actually determine the usable number of fax and telephony users.

  • Before updating an existing SwyxFax Server version you need to read chapter 3. Updating an existing SwyxFax installation of the included readme.rtf file !

  • Improvements on displaying connection problems.

  • Several bugfixes.


Changes in SwyxIt! Fax:

  • The displayed columns for each fax folder has been changed in the manner that only the important aspects of a fax are shown now. The less important aspects can be viewed by the document's details now.

  • The journal printing of SwyxIt! Fax has been reworked. The journal now only contains documents, which had been marked by the user. However, if no document is marked all will be listed in the journal. In addition all names are now identical to the graphical user interface.

  • SwyxIt! Fax won't minimize after start-up if a fax transmission has finally failed.

  • After re-activating a job SwyxIt! Fax will now make sure that it is sent with a headline.

  • SwyxIt! Fax now correctly displays the number of selected faxes in the status bar.

  • All faxes of a fax folder can be selected with the accelerator key Ctrl+A.

  • The fax OUTBOX displays timestamps in 12 hour mode now - as in all other fax folders.


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