Error on logon: "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation." (kb2590)

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What does the logon error message "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation." mean ?


While SwyxIt! registers on the SwyxServer, the following error message pops up:

Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

The error may show up only on the first Windows start on a day, further logons might work without problems.

There could be several reasons:

  • The SwyxServer is not reachable
  • The SwyxServer cannot access the SwyxIt! client
  • There is a local problem on the SwyxIt! client
  • Personal Firewall / Windows XP SP2 Firewall on the client machine is blocking

Is the SwyxServer running and can it be used by other clients? Check if the SwyxServer shows up in the network environment and if it can be contacted via ping.

During Logon of SwyxIt! on a SwyxServer the Server will establish a DCOM connection to the SwyxIt! client. This connection will be used for delivering events like incoming calls or status notifications.

For this the operating system on the SwyxServer will do a name resolution of the client machine name (name of the SwyxIt! machine to IP Address). If this name resolution failes or returns a wrong address, the DCOM of the SwyxServer machine works with a wrong IP address. As a result the SwyxServer cannot access the registering client and the operating system returns the error message "The RPC server is unavailable.".

Possible reasons are:

  • Two machines using the same IP address
  • Wrong configuration of DHCP or DNS. Short lease time for IP addresses may cause problems with DCOM. Please configure higher lease times of some days.
  • The IP address of the client machine has been changed but the server has cached the old address.
  • If a WINS server is running, this can happen as well. In the WINS server configuration lookup the respective SwyxIt! client PC. Mark it as tombstoned (delete), replicate it if applicable and delete the ARP cache.

Please verify if you can resolve the IP address of the client machine on the server. Try to configure a hosts file on the server.

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