System wide speed dials for SwyxIt! and SwyxPhone (kb2571)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare Administration since v4.20, SwyxIt! since v4.20, SwyxPhone Lxxx

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The administrator can define system wide speed dials using the global phonebook.


To define system wide speed dials, the administrator must choose name for those entries in the global phonebook, which can be dialed not only on SwyxIt! but on SwyxPhone as well.
It is appropriate to use names as #01, #02, #001, #210 etc.
The usage of * or ## in the begin is forbidden.
The corresponding numbers may be any internal or external destination.

If this number calls in from external you will see i.e. #01 in the display. To get a proper name resolution, you can add a second entry into the global phonebook which contains the external number and the name that should be shown. If this second entry exists, it will be used for name resolution at an incoming call and you will see the name of the second entry instead of i.e. #01.

Please note: For SwyxWare v7.00 the name resolution from the second entry does not work, it will just show #01. This problem is solved with SwyxWare v7.0 QuickFix2.


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