SwyxWare v4.21 (kb2566)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare CD v4.21
  • SwyxWare Administration v4.21
  • SwyxWare v4.21
  • SwyxIt! v4.21

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Swyx releases SwyxWare v4.21. This articles describes all changes and improvements in regard to the previous version.


Brief overview of new features and changes in SwyxWare v4.21

  • A user "Operator" is automatically created with extension "0" (if not already used) during installation.
  • Almost all WAV files enclosed in the product have been re-formatted to audio codec G.711µ-law.The audio codec has been changed to reduce the size of the setup package.
  • Several bugfixes:
    • No mediastreaming in both directions after changing from line in ALERTING state back to line which is on hold.
    • Server must not execute redirection if calling user is identical with redirection target.
    • L420 switches to hands free mode if CTI-SwyxIt! initiates conference.
    • SwyxWare services sometimes don't start automatically during system boot
    • SwyxServer seem to hang after after system is up for a multiple of 49.7 days.
    • Group calls to AudioCodes TA are not possible.
    • Under special circumstances SwyxServer does not deliver group call.

SwyxIt! versions older than v4.20 will have problems playing these new files. Make sure to update all SwyxIt!s to v4.21 before updating your server to v4.21.


    Brief overview of new features and changes in SwyxIt! v4.21

    • Changed timeout for recording of messages from 5-180 to 1-600 seconds.
    • Several bugfixes:
      • When distributing SwyxIt! via SMS a local MS Office wasn't detected.
      • In certain situations it was possible to get a continous knocking tone.
      • The Call Routing Manager can be used on Windows NT4 again.


    Please read also the included README.TXT files carefully.


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