New Blocks and Changes in Graphical Script Editor v4.20 (kb2564)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! v4.20

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New blocks in Version 4.20:

Block "Wait for Disconnect"
Block "Activate"
Block "Hold"

Changed blocks in Version 4.20:

Block "Get Mail"
Block "Connect To"
Block "Terminate"
Block "Record Message"
Block "Play Announcement"


Block "Wait for Disconnect"

Requirement: A call is picked up by the script and redirected successfully using e.g. "Connect To", "Connect To Loop" or "Follow Me". The call could be monitored by the script. After disconnect or after timeout other actions e.g. a database access could be executed.

Output "Disconnected" will be used if the connection is terminated (e.g. Hook on).

Output "Timeout" is used if the call is already established after the specified time period. You can terminate this connection using the block "Terminate Call".

Using the output "Time out", please note that a call, which has been connected to a subscriber, cannot be retrieved or forwarded to another subscriber even though the connection is active.


Block "Hold"

This block accepts an incoming call and puts the call on hold, the caller will hear to the defined music on hold.
In contrast to the block "Play Announcement" the script is being continued during this time .

The call is re-activated by the block "Activate". Thereafter the call can be handled as usual.
A call , which has been put on hold by the block "Hold", will be activated by the blocks "ConnectTo", "ConnectToLoop" and "FollowMe". Afterwards the announcement of that block will be played, if available.

Please note, that you can put on Hold a call only  if the call is active. If the call was redirected succesfully you cannot put the call on "Hold".

A call is put on hold. During this time a database is accessed and the caller's record can be presented to a call agent. Thereafter the caller will be connected to this agent (e.g using the block "ConnectTo").


Block "Activate"

The block "Activate" activates a call which has been put on hold by the block "Hold". Thereafter the call can be handled as usual.


Block "Get Mail"

Block "Get Mail" - Parameters
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Here it is possible to assign the fields of the mail to variables. You can choose the following fields:

  • From
  • To
  • CC
  • Subject
  • Text HTML/body
  • Text PLAIN/body
After this you can use these variables in the script.


Block "ConnectTo"

Block "Connect To" - Parameters
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Now it is possible to choose an announcement for the caller (e.g. "You will be connected") instead of the ringback tone.
Further it is possible to interrupt the block by using DTMF tones like in the block "Play Announcement".

Activate the option "proceed with destination Call Routing" if the call is redirected to another user and the the other user's Call Routing ought to be carried out.

If "proceed with destination Call Routing" is activated and if the call is redirected successfully, please note that your script aborted. Further actions like "Wait for Disconnect" are not carried out.


Block "Terminate"

With the block "Terminate" an established connection can be disconnected. You can use it in combination with the block "Wait for disconnect".

Example (Calling Card):
A call successfully connected by the script. The block "Wait for disconnect" is inserted with a timeout (e.g. depending of a credit according to this card). If the call is still established after this timeout the block "Terminate" is executed, which will disconnect the call.


Block "Record message"

Block "Record Message" - Parameters
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During the recording DTMF tones can be recognized like in the block "Play Announcement".

Please note that the recording will be aborted when the tone has been detected.

Also the recording can be aborted after a silence phase. You can define the duration of this silence in the parameters of this block.


Block "Play Announcement"

Block "Play announcement" - Parameters
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Activate the option "Skip from beginning" and specify a time in seconds to skip the beginning of the announcement.

If the option "Play control enabled" is activated the caller can use the navigation during playback of the announcement like in the Remote voicemail inquiry.


Other changes:

  • The duration of a recorded Voicemail (%l) is available as a variable in the script named VoicemailLen().
  • It is possible to modify the variables CallerNumber() (not CallerID()!) and CallerName() while the script is running.


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