Using Siemens Optipoint 600 together with SwyxWare (kb2537)

The information in this article applies to:

  • Siemens OptiPoint 600
  • SwyxWare v4.20

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This article describes the needed configuration settings to use the Siemens OptiPoint 600 Office IP-phone together with SwyxWare. In contrast to the SwyxPhone L420 which has a special Plug&Play Firmware, the Optipoint 600 uses the original Siemens Firmware, which need mandatorily the manual entry of some configuration parameters.

Additionally this articles provides a download link for the Administrator manual.


The only parameter, which must be set manually is the Gatekeeper-address (=SwyxServer). All other nerwork paramaters e.g. own IP-address, netmask, etc. can be set either manually (see the Optipoint 600  Admin manual) or via a DHCP-server as configured for the SwyxPhone L420.
To ensure a defined status of the phone, a Reset to factory settings is stronly recomended:
Reset to factory settings
Use the following menues and entries:
  • select Service (to find the Service menu please hit the up-arrow on the touchscreen of the phone)
  • select Administration
  • enter Password = 123456 (Siemens default Password)
  • select Housekeeping
  • select Restore phone data
  • select Restore factory settings
  • enter Password = 124816
  • confirm Restore factory settings
Power down the phone and power up it again.
Start Telefon, it will show after the lengthy boot phase: "Out of service: gatekeeper not found"

Set the gatekeeper (=SwyxServer)

Use the following menu entries:

  • select Service (to find the Service menu please hit the up-arrow on the touchscreen of the phone)
  • enter Password = 123456 (Siemens default Password)
  • select Configuration
  • select System settings
  • select Gatekeeper settings
  • enter the IP-Address of SwyxServer in the field Gatekeeper address - hitting the #-key 3 times brings the dot (.)
  • save the entries
select Administration
Power down the phone and power up it again

It shows after the reboot process the usual SwyxWare PIN-Prompt

SwyxWare 6.10 or later:
Please note that the Optipoint 600 phone is not supported any more for SwyxWare v6.10 or following versions.



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