SwyxIt! integration with ACT! (kb2535)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! v4.20
  • ACT! 6.0

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How do I configure ACT! and SwyxIt! for proper integration?


Install SwyxIt! 4.20 including feature TAPI Service Provider using the custom setup option. The TSP is not installed by default.

Open the Windows control panel, click on the Phone and Modem Options. On tab Advanced select the SwyxIt! TAPI Service Provider and click on Configure. In the configuration dialog select plain as the caller id type. If ACT! does not dial the public access prefix, you may enter the proper dial prefix here, e.g. "0". Close the dialog by clicking on OK.

Go to the ACT! preferences and select the tab Dialer. Enable Use Dialer, select the Swyx Line, the proper Address and enable lookup contact using caller ID.


Further Informationen

Unfortunately ACT! has a severe bug: It is not possible to have two incoming connections at the same time.

You get a call and accept it using SwyxIt!. During the phone call you get a secondary call. Accept the secondary call by clicking on the respective SwyxIt! line. SwyxIt! will accept the secondary call, but ACT! will disconnect the secondary call immediately. This bug occures as well when using ACT! with any other PBX.


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