USB handset / headset not available after boot (kb2533)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Headset H320 (monaural)
  • SwyxIt! Handset P220 (USB)
  • SwyxIt! all versions

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SwyxIt! installation with USB handset or headset. The USB handset / headset is the only device connected to one USB hub of the PC (A PC has one or more USB hubs with two ports each).

After installation the handset / headset works fine as USB sound device. But after restart of the PC the USB sound device cannot be accessed. The device manager does not list the USB sound device any more. SwyxIt! prompts an error message that the sound device is in use and cannot be accessed.

If SwyxIt! is terminated, the USB handset / headset unplugged and connected again, it works properly. After the next reboot the sound device does not work again.


Please connect the USB handset / headset together with any other device to one USB hub. For example connect the USB handset and an USB mouse to two adjacent USB ports.


Workaround available. (see above)

Further Informationen

The problem was found with the following configuration:

  • HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Ultra-Slim
  • Windows 2000 SP4
  • SwyxIt! 4.15
  • SwyxIt! Handset P250 (new handset type)

The problem could not be reproduced using the older SwyxIt! Handset (P200 / P210).


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