SwyxWare v4.20 (kb2527)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare Administration v4.20
  • SwyxWare v4.20
  • SwyxIt! v4.20

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Swyx releases SwyxWare v4.20. This articles describes all changes and improvements in regard to the previous version.


Brief overview of new features and changes in SwyxWare v4.20

  • Computer/Telephony integration (CTI). Control a SwyxPhone or SwyxIt from another SwyxIt!
  • Callback requests (SwyxWare internal)
  • Compress voicemail attachments (PCM,GSM,G.711, user-definded)
  • New/changes script API functions (Not all of them are usable via GSE blocks):
    • WaitForDisconnect, Hold, Activate, Disconnect
    • Hand control to destination script in ConnectTo
    • End RecordMessage with an arbitrary, configurable DTMF key or when silence is detected
    • Abort ConnectTo with an arbitrary, configurable DTMF key
    • Use a user-defined sound file instead of alert tone during ConnectTo
    • Specify start position in PlayMessage function
    • Edit current calls phone call list entry from script
  • Support of Windows Server 2003
  • Using MSDE 2000 as default database engine
  • Deleting of arbitrary phonecall/redial list entries
  • CTI licenses
  • Phone licenses
  • Channel licenses insteaf of SwyxGate licenses
  • SwyxFax licenses are managed by SwyxServer (from SwyxFax v1.30)
  • Updated ISDN driversISDN board driver versions (kb2342)
  • Write Call Details Records into a database (kb2491)


Brief overview of new features and changes in SwyxIt! v4.20

  • Support of the comfort handset SwyxIt! Handset P250
  • New blocks in GSE: Hold, Activate, Wait for Disconnect, Get Mail
  • Call back Request / call back on Busy / call back on "speaking" speed dial
  • Manually disabled lines keep disabled after logon / logoff
  • Configuration of Acoustic Second Call Signalling
  • Configuration of Silent Call Signalling
  • Configuration of Transfer via "HookOn"
  • Voicemail Inquiry from SwyxIt!
  • New hotkeys for minimize, conference, pickup group call, call back request, pickup call back and dialling from any application
  • Caller list, redial list: allow deleting single entries
  • Made lists resizable, save and restore column width (phone book, caller list, redial list, my call back requests, recordings)
  • Send E-mail from caller list
  • Advanced ringing sound configuration (number depending ringing)
  • Improved drag and drop


Hints on the new license types

SwyxWare v4.20 introduced four new types of licenses:

  • CTI License
  • Phone License
  • Option Pack "Up-to-date Advanced"
  • Option Pack "Up-to-date Premium"

Additionally the previous SwyxGate License is the new Channel License. Beside the ISDN channels now also the SwyxLink channels are included. Therefore you need Channel Licenses for your SwyxLinks !

A CTI license is required for each SwyxIt! which controls another via CTI, i.e. if a SwyxIt! in CTI-Mode logs in, a user license for the SwyxIt! user is required and a CTI license to allow controlling another device. A SwyxIt! in normal (non-CTI) mode requires a user license, as it was before v4.20.

A Phone license is required for each phone device except SwyxPhones. If nevertheless one of your SwyxPhones seem to require a license, please contact Swyx customer support for assistance.

The Option Packs "Up-to-date Advanced/Premium" can be purchased to get special, i.e. better, conditions for software updates and support. Please contact your SwyxWare partner or Swyx for details.

These new option packs are handled in the same way as option pack Extended Call Routing, i.e. the effective number of licensed SwyxWare users is the minimum of

  • SwyxServer licenses + user upgrade licenses
  • Option pack ECR
  • Option pack SwyxFax user licenses (from SwyxFax v1.30)
  • Option pack Up-to-date Advanced
  • Option pack Up-to-date Premium

SwyxWare v4.20 manages SwyxFax licenses, too. SwyxFax v1.30 needs a running SwyxServer which has the SwyxFax user and (optinally) SwyxFax Line licenses installed. Note that SwyxFax v1.30 will be released shortly after SwyxWare v4.20 and is not shipped on the SwyxWare v4.20 CD.


Please note also the content of the README files in the setu p packages of SwyxWare, SwyxWare Administration, SwyxIt! and the ISDN drivers.


Further informations can be found on the SwyxWare v4.20 product page.


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