Important information about hotfixes (kb2522)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxFax Server from version 1
  • SwyxIt! all versions
  • SwyxWare all versions

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This article describes some common but important information about hotfixes released by Swyx between the usual product releases.


Hotfixes released by Swyx are meant to solve single critical problems reported by customers. Please read this article carefully to ensure that you understand the purpose and risks of a hotfix and your responsibility as customer.



What is a Hotfix?
What is Swyx contributing to ensure the quality of a hotfix?
What kind of risks can occur when using a hotfix?
What Swyx expects from you as customer?
Hints about creating a backup


What is a Hotfix?

A hotfix is a specially build software component (one or more executables or other files) which will solve a specific problem for a specific customer, because there's no acceptable other solution or workaround for the problem. Hotfixes are provided by Swyx only.


What is Swyx contributing to ensure the quality of a hotfix?

Swyx development tries to minimize side effects in the sourcecode while creating the hotfix and performs minimal testing. When Swyx development releases the first version of a hotfix, Swyx Quality Assurance gets it and performs minimal tests in a test environment, if one is available to reproduce the problem. Swyx QA does no regression tests. If the problem is reproducible at the customer's site only, Swyx cannot do any tests.


What kind of risks can occur when using a hotfix?

According to the nature of a hotfix it's possible that scenarios exist where the hotfix doesn't solve a problem or doesn't solve it completely. Additionally it's possible that side effects occur, such as system failures, which can lead to data loss. To restore a system, it is recommended to backup all original files or perform a complete system backup.


What Swyx expects from you as customer

Swyx expects that you perfom some tests in your test environment before using the hotfix in a production environment. You should inform Swyx about the test results within a week so that Swyx can proceed with further actions to resolve the problem, if necessary. Note that the hotfix was created for you with high priority, because there are no alternative solutions or workarounds. We recommend to do a complete system backup before installing the hotfix, to allow restoring the system if necessary. Backup all files which will be replaced by the hotfix. Install the hotfix on affected systems only. Use matching language versions only, if the hotfix is language dependent.

Each hotfix contains a readme.txt file. Read it carefully!


Hints about creating a backup

Backup the complete program folder including all subfolders of the affected product. SwyxWare products use the following default installation locations if not specified otherwise during the installation:

  • SwyxWare
    C:\Program files\SwyxWare
  • SwyxWare Administration
    C:\Program files\SwyxWare Administration
  • SwyxIt!
    C:\Program files\SwyxIt!
  • SwyxFax
    C:\Program files\SwyxFax Server
  • SwyxIt! Fax
    C:\Program files\SwyxIt! Fax
  • All Swyx products (not changeable)
    C:\Program files\Common files\Swyx
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Swyx
You should backup the SwyxWare user database, too, before installing a hotfix:


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