What's necessary to use SwyxWare on machines with multiple IP addresses (kb2521)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 4
  • SwyxWare from version 6

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In some special szenarious a server machine does run with several IP addresses. This is a typical situation for e.g. UK where one IP address is assigened to the local LAN, one fixed IP address for internet access and maybe one IP address for a RRAS VPN server.

In such szenarious it's very likely, that only one way mediastreaming does occur from the clients to an external party, because the SwyxServer/the SwyxGate did choose an IP address where the clients should send their audio to, which is not routeable/reachable from the client point of view - this is especially true for clients connected via VPN.

In this cases it's necessary to tell the SwyxServer/the SwyxGate via the registry which IP address they should use.


Local LAN IP address:
Fixed IP address for internet access:
RRAS VPN Server IP address:


In most cases the local area network address is the right one to use, as this IP address can be reached from all clients. Please add the following registry key:

Location: HKLM\Software\Swyx\General\CurrentVersion\Options
Type: REG_SZ
Name: LocalIpAddress

Please modify the to your local szenario. After adding the registry value you have to restart the SwyxServer.

For SwyxWare v6.00 and v6.01 please also read the article Selection of a network connection for the SwyxClientDataStore (CDS) (kb3187). (not required for SwyxWare v6.02 or newer)


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