Eventlog Message: "Process memory dump generated" (kb2499)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 4

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:

Source: HwdSrv, IpPbxSrv, IpPbxGate, PhoneMgr, LinkMgr, ConferenceMgr
ID: 8192 (0x2000)
Text: Process memory dump generated
Process: %1
Dumpfile: %2
Dumptype: %3


%1 Process name
%2 Memory dump path and file name
%3 Memory dump type.


All SwyxWare services are capable to detect if an exception occurs, catch that exception and write a process memory dump. This event should not happen during normal operation. Contact Swyx Customer Support for assistance if this entry has been written into your server's event log.


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