Supplementary Service "Call Park" (kb2485)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 4

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In the ISDN there is a feature named Call Park . It is possible to park an active call on one ISDN phone and to resume it at another ISDN phone, which is attached at the same ISDN-bus.

There are two versions of this script available, one for SwyxWare less or equal v5.0x and one for SwyxWare from v6.0x.



Call Park differs from the function Hold thereby that a call on hold can be activated in principle only at the same telephone again, at which it was put on hold. Such a function Call Park is not provied by SwyxWare, but it is possible to achieve a similar behavior with the help of a dummy user named park or call park and an appropriate Extended Call Routing script.

A SwyxWare user has an active call that should be proceeded at another phone (SwyxIt! or SwyxPhone) of the same user. To do this, the user with the active call starts a consultancy call to the user park. This means, the original caller is planced on hold and he hears - as usual - the call waiting music. The script of the user park accepts the call directly and plays an interrupted beep as a confirmation. Only the user, who parks its call, hears this beep. Subsequently, the original call, which is to be parked, is connected with the user parks, e.g. by simply hook-on of the initiator of the Park. Now the script of the user Park tries establish a new a connection to the SwyxWare user, who initiated the park. It starts this call using the extension, from which it received this call. It now rings at all telephones (SwyxPhone and SwyxIt!) of this user; the original caller hears the ringing tone. Now the user can continue the call by accepting the call at one of his phones. It is so also possible to park a call and to go to any phone, log into this phone with its PIN and receive the parked call fron the script.

It is possible set a speed dial key to park and make it to a park function key. To do the parking only the speed dial park must be pressed during an active call.


Installation of the Script

  • Add a new user Park to the SwyxWare.

  • Copy the WAV files from download ZIP file into users  Voicemail folder:

  • Create a new Call Routing rule (Graphical Script Editor) and import the file rulePark.rse or CallPark_v6.02.rse via the menu File | Import...

    GSE Script
    GSE Script
    Click to enlarge...


  • Save this rule.


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