Creation of d-channel logs with Digi Datafire Boards (kb2458)

The information in this article applies to:

  • Digi DataFire Quad Micro
  • Digi DataFire Micro V
  • SwyxWare all versions

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For a proper analysis it is often necessary to monitor the activity of the ISDN board on the d-channel. For this purpose we have included a special program on the SwyxWare installation CD (and also in the updater packages), the d-channel monitor. This program is not automatically installed with the SwyxWare, it has to be added manually.


There are two different Digi-drivers on the SwyxWare CD: The "Digi Datafire Standard Driver" and the "Digi Datafire Driver when used with HST Saphir V". Since the d-channel monitor program is different for the two drivers, there are two different installer, each one located in the folder of the respective driver. Please install the version that corresponds to your driver, or the program will not work at all.

In each of the driver folders you will find a folder "Tools" in which a file named "iToolsEn.exe" is located. This is the installer for the ISDN connection tester and the d-channel monitor. You can install both tools, the connection tester is not needed here, but it can't hurt to have it installed and it needs almost no space on the harddisk.

After the installation you can start the program from the start menue. You can find it at "Start/Programs/Swyx ISDN Tools/D-Channel Monitor". The recommended settings can be seen on this screenshot:

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The logfile will be written to the folder "C:\Program Files\Swyx ISDN Tools\Log" and has the name that is displayed in the d-channel monitor.

If you have more than one Datafire card or if you use one or two QuadMicro cards, please have one d-channel monitor running for each ISDN line. During the program startup you will be asked for the controller number that should be monitored.In this case, we will need a logfile for each controller that might show the problem we are looking for. If for example you have three ISDN lines to the PSTN, we would need to see at least the logs for the three controllers to which these three ISDN lines are connected.

A detailed description of your ISDN setup will be of great help if you have more than one ISDN line in use, and should be sent to us along with the logfiles.

Most of the time when problems with the ISDN lines occur, also a tracing of the SwyxGate- and the SwyxServer-service is recommended. Further information on the tracing options of the SwyxWare services can be found here:


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