SwyxIt! responds slow, the first syllables will be swallowed (kb2430)

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SwyxIt! responds slowly in general. On incoming calls it takes a certain time until SwyxIt! is displayed on the screen and signalls the call. Also, the first syllables will be swallowed when taking the call.


A slow behaviour of SwyxIt! might have several reasons which might be connected to the client or the server machine. It is quite easy to figure out if the problem is client-sided or server-sided.

If the problem occurs on all SwyxIt!s the problem is most presumingly server-sided.

If the problem occurs on one or a few SwyxIt!s it is most presumingly client-sided.


Server sided

The SwyxServer (i.e. the machine the SwyxServer service is running on) is most presumingly not layed out correctly for all it's purposes. The machine is overloaded with the amount of users, the gateway lines and it's other tasks (e.g. Exchange Server, File Server).


Client sided

The SwyxIt! client machine is most presumingly not layed out correctly for all it's purposes. The machine is overloaded with the number of applications running simultaneously on it (e.g. MS Outlook, MS Word, etc.). In those situations too few memory will cause Windows to swap currently not needed applications to the harddrive. When the application is needed again (e.g. SwyxIt! rings) it must be restored from the harddrive which takes some time. This is a standard operating system feature.



There are a number of measures to solve this problem. The most important one (whether it is server sided or client sided) is to have enough memory (RAM) installed in the machine. Please refer to the following Knowledgebase article:

This article gives recommendations for CPU, CPU speed and the amount of memory (RAM) depanding on the desired SwyxWare size. Using the recommended values will enable a common working with the machine, i.e. in an office environment it is possible to work with other applications with no problems. But please keep in mind that we can't know in detail what kind of applications will run on all clients. While using "common" applications a performance leak will just produce longer times to wait for something. SwyxIt! is a realtime application, where performance leaks will also always lead to a bad soundquality.

Using the Windows taskmanager it is possible to check the load of the machine over a certain time. If the load is permanently over 80% and if there are peaks of 100% for more then a second we highly recommend to improve the machine by adding more RAM and/or using a faster CPU. Many problems can already be cured with more RAM !

There are also things to be done at the SwyxIt! to improve the situation:

  • Disable the Echo Cancelation at the SwyxIt!. If you do have no problems with echos you can spare about 5 to 7% of CPU load.

  • Disable the Application Sharing if it is not needed. This will stop starting MS Neeting in the background and free additional resources.

  • Use smaller skins. An Operator Skin with lots of speed dials and status signals uses a lot more resources than a Classic Skin.

  • Change your telephone usage slightly. The SwyxIt! is a telephone, yes, but differently to common telephone it doesn't uses it's own hardware. It must share the existing environment with a number of other applications. Give SwyxIt! the time it needs before saying your name on an incoming call. SwyxIt! will show you with it's hook key if it is ready and all connections have been established. Just wait for the changing of the state of the key.

    Hook key in different skins
    Hook key in different skins
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    With this no syllables will be swallowed anymore.

  • Close all applications which are not needed anymore.



Further Informationen

If all listed possibilities do not fix the problem our Support Team will be happy to assist you !



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