Configuring the Cisco ATA 186 Terminal Adapter for Interoperability with SwyxWare (kb2405)

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  • Cisco ATA 186

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This article describes the configuration of the Cisco ATA 186 terminal adapter for interoperability with SwyxWare.


To acquire IP address, subnet mask, etc. the Cisco ATA 186 terminal adapter is configured to use DHCP by default. The IP address could be determined by MAC address in DHCP server. The MAC address is listed on the bottom side of Cisco ATA 186.

Alternatively you could use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to determine the IP address. To hear the IP address of your Cisco ATA 186, plug in the telephone line cord of an analog phone, lift the telephone handset, press the function button located in the top panel of Cisco ATA 186 and enter 21#.

Note: If there is no DHCP server and the Cisco ATA 186 is configured to find one, the function button will keep blinking. In this case it is possible to enter an IP address by IVR. Read the "Cisco ATA 186 Installation and Configuration Guide" for further details.

To configure your Cisco ATA 186 by using the web configuration page, enter the IP address of Cisco ATA 186 in your web browser as follows:

http://<IP address of adapter>/dev

For example, the configuration page for a Cisco ATA 186 with the IP address is:

The Cisco ATA 186 must use a firmware for H.323 protocol for interoperability with SwyxWare.

Note: If some of the Cisco ATA 186 configuration options mentioned below are missing, the firmware might be for e.g. MGCP. In this case a firmware update is neccessary.

To use the Cisco ATA 186 with SwyxWare the following options have to be configured. The H.323 aliases of SwyxWare users must be the same as configured in SwyxWare Administration.

Option Value
UID0 H.323 alias of SwyxWare user for analog port 1 of Cisco ATA 186
UID1 H.323 alias of SwyxWare user for analog port 2 of Cisco ATA 186
GkOrProxy IP address of SwyxServer
RxCodec 2 (= preferred audio codec G.711µ)
TxCodec 2 (= preferred audio codec G.711µ)
NumTxFrames 1 (= one frame per packet for compression)
AudioMode 0x00100010 (= disable fax detection and silence suppression)
ConnectMode 0x0006c401 (= disable fax passthrough, use H.323 fast start)

Furthermore the option "UseSIP" should be set to 0 because H.323 protocol should be used instead of SIP.

All other options could be left in default configuration.

Please note that Cisco ATA 186 does not support T.38 for fax connections using the above mentioned firmware. Therefore the SwyxWare user type "Data" has to be configured in SwyxWare Administration Tool if fax devices are connected to Cisco ATA 186.



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