Eventlog Message: "SwyxServer service could not verify a script's digital signature." (kb2371)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 3.20

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:
Source:IpPbxSrv (SwyxServer)
ID:4108 (0x100c)
Text:SwyxServer service could not verify a script's digital signature. Default script is used instead.


%1Script's path and filename
%2Error message


Each SwyxWare call routing script generated by Call Routing Manager (CRM) or Graphical Script Editor (GSE) contains a digital signature. This signature prevents manual script changes and is needed to distinguish CRM and GSE scripts, because GSE scripts need option pack "Extended Call Routing" for execution.

Common error message in this event log entry are:

  • "No License Available"
    This error usually means that a GSE scripts is used on a SwyxWare without Option Pack ECT. Install an Option Pack ECR license on your SwyxServer or use scripts generated by CRM only.
  • "Invalid Signature"
    The script has been changed after signing. Create script again with Call Rrouting Manager or Graphical Script Editor.

In each case SwyxServer uses the default script, which connects the call to the original destination or uses the standard redirection to determine the destination.


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