Eventlog Message: "SwyxServer service could not start. The following DLL could not be located" (kb2369)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 3

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:
Source:IpPbxSrv (SwyxServer)
ID:525 (0x020d)
Text:SwyxServer service could not start. The following DLL could not be located:
%1missing DLL's name


SwyxServer creates this event log entry when a dynamic link library (DLL) cannot be loaded during startup. The error is usually caused by an incomplete or corrupt installation. Use the SwyxWare setup's repair function to restore SwyxWare to the original installation state. No user data will be lost during this process.

Note: If you'd installed any hotfixes before, check if that hotfixes are still installed after the repair and install them again if necessary.


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