Eventlog Message: "SwyxServer service could not initialize the H.323 protocol." (kb2361)

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  • SwyxWare from version 3

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:

Source:IpPbxSrv (SwyxServer)
ID:516 (0x0204)
Text:SwyxServer service could not initialize the H.323 protocol.


SwyxServer uses the H.323 protocol to communicate with SwyxGates, other gateways or devices or to communicate via SwyxLinks. The Swyx H.323 protocol stack will be initialised during SwyxServer start. The above event log entry is generated if this initialisation fails.

The most common reason for H.323 initialisation failure is another application using the well-known H.323 UDP and TCP ports. H.323 listens for incoming protocol messages on UDP ports 1718 and 1719 and on TCP port 1720. If any of these ports is occupied by another application, SwyxServer cannot use them and cannot start.

Examples for such applications would be Netmeeting or Microsofts own telephony-service included in some versions of Windows 2000 server, or also some remote-control programs like "Remotely Anywhere".

Check if any other application is running which uses the above mentioned ports. Various tools are available for this purpose, for example "TCPView" from SysInternals. This one can be especially recommended, since it is very small and simple to use and not only lists the used ports but also shows the name of the processes that are using them.

More information about this tool can be found at

Also have a look at: Reserve port ranges for SwyxWare, when a DNS service is running on the same system (kb3778)


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