Automatical firmware update doesn't work (kb2343)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 3.20
  • SwyxPhone L420

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Hafter having configured the firmwareupdate assumingly correct the firmware will in fact not be updated allthough the SwyxPhone state "Firmware Update" and reboots afterwards.


The automatical firmwareupdate functions as follows:

  • The SwyxWare L420 login to the SwyxServer and tell him it's current firmware version.
  • The SwyxServer compares this with the configured firmware version via the SwyxWare Administration, SwyxServer properties, page SwyxPhone L420.
  • If there is a newer version available on the server, the server tells the SwyxPhone the complete configured FTP login and download informations.
  • The SwyxPhone L420 connects to this FTP server and downloads the firmware file.
  • Afterwards the SwyxPhone reboots to load the new firmware.

In order this works faultless the following must be assured:

  • the FTP server is reachable for the SwyxPhone (subject: Firewall).
  • the login informations are correct.
  • the configured download path is reachable on the used FTP server.


The two most common reasons for problems are

  • the SwyxPhone ist not able to reach the FTP server because it is blocked by a Firewall.
  • the path which is configured within the SwyxWare Administration is not correct for the used FTP server. There are FTP servers arround which expact a leading "/" (slash) in a full qualified path (URL). There are others which don't like a leading "/" and return an error. A configuration like pub/firmware/english/ could work. But, if not, you should also try a leading "/" /pub/firmware/english/

    SwyxPhone L420
    SwyxPhone L420
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