SwyxFax v1.11 (kb2324)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Fax v1.11
  • SwyxFax Server v1.11

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Swyx releases SwyxFax v1.11. This article describes all changes and bugfixes in this release.


Changes and bugfixes in SwyxFax:

SwyxFax v1.11 contains minor improvements compared to SwyxFax v1.10, mainly solving functionality and stability problems and improving the system’s over-all performance. In any way it is recommended to use the current ISDN board drivers with SwyxFax v1.11, as they are provided on the SwyxWare v4.03 CD (or newer) or on the Swyx FTP Server.

Even though an updated SwyxIt! Fax client is provided with SwyxFax v1.11, SwyxFax Server v1.11 can be used by older SwyxIt! Fax clients without any functional disadvantages. Please note that SwyxIt! Fax v1.11 can only be used with a SwyxFax Server v1.11. Therefore it is recommended to first update the SwyxFax Server component and thereafter all SwyxIt! Fax client installations one by one.

Changes and bugfixes in SwyxIt! Fax:

  • SwyxIt! Fax doesn’t update the current fax folder view continuously, only after pressing F5 or recognition of new or finally failed faxes.
  • SwyxIt! Fax is not minimized on startup if there’s a new, unread fax in the inbox.
  • The send time is now displayed correctly in the list view of the sent faxes.
  • Changing the Refresh Timeout within SwyxIt! Fax’s options gets into effect immediately now.

More detailed informations can be found in the included README files of both setup packages SwyxFax and SwyxIt! Fax.


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