Feature Set of the Future SwyxWare Version 4.10 (kb2314)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v4.10

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This article describes the feature set of the future SwyxWare Version 4.10


The next SwyxWare Version 4.10 offers as a highlight the new conference manager as an additional Swyx server services. The conference manager allows conferences with internal (also H.323 endpoints) and external subscribers und supports the modes "invited conference" (by SwyxWare terminals only) and conference room.

The release takes place at end of Q1, the SwyxWare Version will be presented on the Cebit Hannover for the first time.

Additional functions are: 

  1. Conference
  2. Extended CDRs
  3. Fallback for Swyx Server services
  4. Remote SwyxLinkManager/ConferenceManager
  5. Firmware Information in SwyxWare Administration
  6. File Caching
  7. Disabling lines for incoming calls (SwyxIt!)
  8. Dialing out of each Windows Application
  9. User Changeable PIN for Remote Inquiry
  10. Standard Remote Inquiry
  11. Setting Standard Redirection from Remote
  12. Movable Standard Redirection Rules within the Call Routing Manager
  13. Displaying incoming calls / Improving PopUp configuration (SwyxIt!)
  14. Improving Display Elements (SwyxIt!)
  15. Configurable Line Echo Cancellation within SwyxIt!
  16. Call Transfer (Improved Blind Call Transfer)
  17. New Action Blocks within the GSE



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