Voicemail Remote Inquiry using Pegasus Mail / Mercury Mail Transport (Freeware) (kb2286)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 4
  • SwyxIt! from version 4
  • Pegasus Mail v4.02 / Mercury Mail Transport v3.32

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For using Voicemail and Remote Inquiry one needs to install a mail server. The freeware Pegasus Mail / Mercury Mail Transport presents an interesting alternative to the large commercial systems.


Installation Pegasus Mail / Mercury Mail Transport

  1. Download Pegasus Mail for Windows 32-bit
  2. Download Mercury Mail Transport System for Win32 and NetWare Systems v3.32
  3. Install Pegasus Mail on the mail server machine (could be SwyxServer machine)
    1. Install the Pegasus Mail program files in c:\pmail
  4. Launch Pegasus Mail Client
    1. Choose Pegasus Mail to be used from Network for multiple users (3rd option)
    2. Use default path to mailbox folder: c:\pmail\mail
    3. Create initial Pegaus Mail users: Click on "New..."
    4. Enter user name "admin" and personal name "Administrator". Check "Administrator Privilegs"
    5. Click on "Close"
    6. Log on to Pegasus Mail with user name "admin"
    7. Cancel the "Pegasus Mail Internet Setup Wizard"
    8. Close Pegasus Mail Client
  5. Install Mercury Mail Transport System on the mail server machine (could be SwyxServer machine)
    1. Choose "New installation"
    2. Choose "No NetWare Support"
    3. Keep default directory "c:\mercury"
    4. Enter / keep default directory for Pegasus Mail Interface "c:\pmail"
    5. Enter / keep default mailbox directory location "c:\pmail\mail"
    6. Select protocol modules "MercuryS -SMTP Server Module" and "MercuryI -IMAP4rev1 server". The SMTP module is required for receiving voicemails from SwyxServer. The IMAP module is required for Voicemail Remote Inquiry by the SwyxServer.
      You may choose to install the "MercuryP -POP3 Server Module" to allow voicemail retrieval with POP3 clients.
      You may choose to install the "MercuryD -POP3 Client Module" for automatically polling for E-mails from your Internet Service Provider. If you are not connected to the Internet permanently, you may consider to install the "MercuryX -Task Scheduling Module" too.
    7. Select the SMTP Client Module to be installed. If you will use Mercury Mail Transport System only for SwyxWare voicemail and you will not allow voicemail to be forwarded to other (that is external) mail servers or domains, select "Install no SMTP client".
      If you would allow to forward voicemail to other mail servers or domains (external E-mail addresses), choose the appropriate SMTP client. Use "MercuryC" for dial-up lines, use "MercuryE" if you are permanently connected to the Internet.
    8. Enter the internet domain name of the mail server, like "" and the user name for the postmaster: "admin"
    9. Select the level of relay control. The recommended option would be "Strict".
    10. Enter / keep default mail queue location "c:\mercury\queue"
  6. Manually add a shortcut to the mercury loader (c:\mercury\loader.exe) to the Startup folder
  7. Run and configure Mercury Mail Transport System on the mail server machine (could be SwyxServer machine)
    1. If not yet done, add a shortcut to the mercury loader (c:\mercury\loader.exe) to the Startup folder
    2. Run mercury loader (c:\mercury\loader.exe)
    3. Go to "Configuration\MercuryS SMTP Server". On tab "Relay/Connection control" click on "Add restriction". Enter the IP address of the SwyxServer machine. Close the dialogs with OK. This will allow voicemails to be forwarded to external E-mail addresses.
    4. Go to "Configuration\Manage local users...". Click on "Change..." for setting a password for the admin account. Click on "Add" for adding user accounts for voicemail. For testing purpose create a user "test" with mail password "test".
    5. Configure the mail server ("" or "server") and E-mail address of the admin account ("" or "admin@server") as sending E-mail address for voicemail in the SwyxWare Administration. This can be done in the SwyxServer properties on tab "Voicemail"
    6. Configure the voicemail and remote inquiry options of SwyxIt!. Send voicemail to e.g. "test@server". For remote inquiry use mail server "server", account "test", password "test" and mail folder "INBOX". Do not enable SSL. Enable remote inquiry for Standard Voicemail. Enable immediate redirection to voicemail and place a call to that client. Leave a message. You will see activity in the Mercury Mail console. Wait some seconds until the voicemail has been received. Call again and enter the voicemail remote inquiry by pressing "*". The SwyxServer will retreive the voicemail from the Mercury Mail server.


    1. The Mercury Mail console windows already provide hints and error messages what might get wrong. The SMTP Server window will show receiving mails from the SwyxServer. The IMAP4 Server window will show retrieval of voicemails from the SwyxServer. The SMTP Client window will show forwarding voicemails to external addresses. Further more it is possible to enable tracing for every single module.
    2. It might be helpful to enable tracing of the SwyxServer IMAP4 component:
      The trace file will list all IMAP4 requests and responses as clear text. Sometimes the IMAP4 responses contain good error messages.


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