Eventlog Message: "SwyxServer database could not be accessed..." (kb2283)

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:
Source:IpPbxSrv (SwyxServer)
ID:513 (0x0201)
Text:SwyxServer database could not be accessed.
Server name: %1
Database name: %2
Database user: %3
Error message: %4
Check the SwyxServer database configuration."
%1'(localhost)' usually, because database is located on same machine as SwyxServer.
%2'ippbx' always
%3'<w2k user>' usually, i.e. integrated Windows authentication is used instead of SQLServer authentication. Uses the SwyxServer service account to access the database.
%4Error message. Describes the error occurred.


SwyxServer uses a Microsoft SQLServer database to store user data. The error message above will be written to the event log if SwyxServer cannot access this database. One reason for this error may be an incomplete installation. Try to reinstall SwyxWare or ask Swyx Support for assistance.

Another reason of this error message may be the manual moving of the database to another computer by restoring a backup, e.g. to use SwyxWare on new hardware. SQLServer stores database access information in the backup and restore them if the backup is restored. If the backup is restored on another SQLServer, e.g. on another computer, the database access information and SQLServer login information don't match. To restore the SQLServer login and database access information do the following:

  1. Delete the database access information by executing the following on a command prompt: osql -E -d ippbx -Q "sp_revokedbaccess 'SwyxWare Administrators'"
  2. Delete the SQLServer Login by executing the following on a command prompt osql -E -Q "sp_revokelogin '(computername)\SwyxWare Administrators'"Replace (computername) with your computer name.
  3. Reset SwyxServer service account to the local system account. To do this, open SwyxServer service properties in the Windows 2000 Services snapin (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services), select property page "Log On" and select option "Lokal System Account".
  4. Start SwyxWare Configuration wizard ConfigWiz.exe which is located in the SwyxWare program folder (Default: \program file\SwyxWare). The configuration wizard asks for the SwyxWare service account. Enter the same information used during the installation and proceed with the wizard by clicking "Next". The configuration wizard sets the SwyxServer service account information, the SQLServer login and the database access information again. All further dialogs have the currently configured information and can be confirmed by clicking "Next"

If you still have problems accessing the database, or if the described reasons doesn't apply, contact Swyx Support for assistance.


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