What do I need for the connection of a GN Netcom DECT headset? (kb2272)

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What do I need for the connection of a GN Netcom DECT headset?


For the connection of a GN Netcom DECT headset with hook switch to a workstsation with an installed SwyxIt! some adapter cables are required in addition to the headset itself. In this article the needed parts including their source of supply are described.

GN Netcom offers three different DECT Headsets that makes is possible not only making a telephone call cordlessly but also accepting a call.

This are the two available modells:

Please note: Caused by the very low microfone sensitivity of the headsets Swyx cannot recommend the usage of the GN 9120 connected to the soundcard!

This are the recommended headsets for the connection to the Ellipse:

  • GN2200, monaural, order no. 2223-82-04
  • GN2200 biaural, order no. 2229-82-04
  • GN2100, Flex-Boom, monoaural, order no. 2126-80-04 
  • GN 2100, Flex-Boom, biaural, order no. 2123-80-04

If you want to use other headsets from this vendor you have to pay attention that this headsets are equiped with a low sensitive microphone unit.

For the connection from the base unit to the soundcard of your workstation an additional cable is needed, which is offered from GN Netcom too:  

  • Connecting cable pc-soundcard (RJ11, 2x3.5mm plug), order no. 8800-00-29

Alternativly the base unit can connected to the USB-port of the workstation. In addition the following cables are needed, which are offered from GN Netcom too.

  • USB-adapter GN 8110 (USB, GN Netcom QD-coupling), order no.SA000025
  • Connecting cable USB-adapter (RJ11, GN Netcom QD-coupling), order no. 8800-00-01

In both case (even USB!) the hook off is signalised via workstations gameport. The required cable is available from Swyx Communications AG:

  • Hook-on/off adapter for GN Netcom WirelessHeadset K450, order No. SA000021


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