Eventlog Message: "Logon with Windows account ..." (kb2270)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 4

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:

Type:Failure Audit
Source:IpPbxSrv (SwyxServer)
ID:12288 (0x3000)
Text:"Logon with Windows account '%1', IP-Address '%2' to SwyxServer failed.
Error message: %3
Check the SwyxServer user configuration."


%1Windows account
%3Error message


SwyxWare identifies SwyxIt! Users with their windows user account. If a SwyxIt! user logs on, SwyxServer searches its user database to find a SwyxWare-User who has the windows user account associated. If this fails, the above event log message is written. It contains the windows user account who tried to log in, the IP-Address of the client from which the login was tried and the error message.

Check with SwyxWare Administration if there's a SwyxWare user associated with the given windows user account.

If this eventlog entry is written regularly in short intervals and the windows account is the Swyx service account, it's caused by SwyxConferenceManager which cannot log on. A special SwyxWare account named "Conference" (changeable during installation) is created during installation which has the SwyxWare service account assigned. SwyxConferenceManager logs into SwyxServer with this user. Login fails and produces this event log entry if that user was accidently deleted or has another windows account assigned. SwyxConferenceManager continuously retries to log in. Solution for this case:

  • If you don't need Conferencing, stop the SwyxConference Manager service and set it's start type to "Manual"
  • If you need Conferencing, check if the SwyxWare Conference-User (named "Conference" per default) is present and has the Swyx Service account assigned. If the account is missing you can recreate it by starting SwyxWare Configuration Wizard (configwiz.exe in SwyxWare program folder). Note: Configuration Wizard will restart all SwyxWare services .


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