Eventlog Message: "Process %1 hung and has been terminated" (kb2265)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v4.00

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This article contains additional information about event log entry:

Text:"Process %1 hung and has been terminated"


%1Process name


The SwyxWare Helper service contains a monitoring function (watchdog), which checks all SwyxWare services and terminates a service when it's not reacting anymore. This may happen in rare, severe error conditions. Windows 2000 restarts the terminated service immediately. This feature increases the SwyxWare availabilty. If SwyxWare helper has detected such a hanging SwyxWare service and has terminated it, the above mentioned event log entry will be written into the Windows 2000 application log. (see also: Eventlog Message: "Process %1 (%2) hangs. Trying to generate a process memory dump and terminating the process after that." (kb2266))

Please contact your Swyx Resller or Distributor immediately to get assistance in analysing and fixing this problem.


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