SwyxWare v4.01 (kb2263)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v4.01
  • SwyxIt! v4.01
  • SwyxWare Administration v4.00
  • SwyxPhone L420

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Swyx releases SwyxWare v4.01. This article lists all changes to the previous version.


Changes and bugfixes in SwyxWare:

  • Change: The SwyxWare CD contains now also the Option Pack SwyxFax.
  • Change: New firmware (v1.1.4) for SwyxPhone L420. The installation or update description can be found within the SwyxWare manual.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes incoming link calls were routed via gateway without are code.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the Linkmanager hangs when a VPN connection went down.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the Linkmanager remained in "starting" mode after reboot.
  • Bugfix: There were no international calls via Link in "overlapped sending" mode possible.
  • Bugfix: The Gateway counted the current connections not correctly.
  • Bugfix: The Gateway didn't set "DiffServ" within the IP header.
  • Bugfix: The Gateway didn't used the Digi MultiCAPI driver correctly.

Changes and bugfixes in SwyxIt!:

  • Bugfix: New Outlook contacts were always created with country code 49.


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