SwyxWare v4.00 (kb2248)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! v4.00
  • SwyxWare v4.00

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Swyx has released SwyxWare v4.00. This article lists all new features.



  • Coupling of any number of SwyxServers
  • Connection of Home-Offices
  • Connection of Small Offices without own SwyxServers or SwyxGateways
  • Support of Voicecompression
  • Support of Fax-over-IP (T.38)
  • Support of dataservices on internal ISDN lines (Exception: X.31 (X.25 in D-Channel), Condition: internal ISDN line configured in PSTN Gatway)
  • Redirection of charging information to internal ISDN line
  • Automatical service restart on error (Watchdog)
  • SwyxWare Administration displays *all* active connections (external + internal)
  • Voicemail Remote Inquiry from any phone (by accessing the mailserver via IMAP4)
  • New "Voicemail" softkey on SwyxPhone
  • Expandable global phonebook
  • Extended Call Detail Records


  • Automatic Server Configuration (via DHCP or DNS)
  • Fallback (Backup) Server
  • Voicemail Remote Inquiry
  • Acoustic notification of new voicemail with stuttered dialtone
  • Editable Display
  • Improved file caching
  • Support of Voicecompression
  • Selection of Outlook folders to be used

Graphical Script Editor (GSE)

  • A number of new blocks
  • Handling of expressions
  • Usage of custom Visual Basic Script Code (e.g. to access a database)
    Examples can be found here
  • Improved linedrawing
  • Restriction of GSE usage
  • Grouped insert menu and toolbar 
  • A detailed list of all changes within the GSE can be found in the article:Changes in Graphical Script Editor (Update from 3.20 to 4.00) (kb2174)

A detailed list of all changes within the SwyxWare is available for download for authorised Swyx Partners in the Swyx Partner Net.

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