SwyxWare default tracing (kb2213)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from version 4

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SwyxWare v4.0 or newer writes error log files per default. This is configured automatically during installation.


All SwyxWare service are able to generate trace output during normal operation. This is mainly useful for Swyx customer support to analyse problems. All version before SwyxWare v4.0 had to be manually enabled to generate such files. SwyxWare v4.0 or newer writes error log files per default. These logfiles will usually be quite small, because only error messages are logged. No further informational output will be written.

All trace files are generated in the following folder:

<common_app_data>\Swyx\Traces and are named as <servicename>.log<common_app_data> is the windows common application data folder and usually located at c:\documents and settings\All users\Application Data

<Service name> is the SwyxWare service name, e.g. "IpPbxSrv" for the server.
If a file exceeds 20MB, it will be renamed to *.bakx (x=1,2,...). You should keep an eye on this folder and delete old files if necessary.



  • SwyxWare generates very few trace output when operating normally.

  • Swyx customer support may need more detailed log files to analyse problems and will help you to extend tracing in this case.

  • Windows hides the above mentioned folder per default, so that it's not visible depending on your Windows-Explorer settings.


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