Installation of the SwyxIt! USB Handset on Microsoft Windows 98 SE (kb2201)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Handset P220 (USB)
  • Microsoft Windows 98

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This document describes the installation of the SwyxIt! USB Handset on Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition). Please read this document carefully before you attempt to install the Handset. The steps must be performed in the correct order, or the Handset – although the installation seems to be successful – may not work.


Please start up your computer as usual, without the handset being connected at this time. During the installation, the setup program will need to copy files from the SwyxWare CD and (possibly) from the Microsoft Windows CD. In some cases changing the CDs (which is necessary) during the setup procedure may cause problems; therefore we recommend that you copy the drivers for the handset from the SwyxWare CD to your hard disk first. Please copy the content of the folder \USB\SwyxIt! Handset into a new folder on your hard disk, for example C:\USB-Handset

When the handset is connected to the USB port, Windows 98 will subsequently detect and install three new devices. Only one of them needs the driver from the SwyxWare CD, the others will use Microsofts own drivers. Please select Search for the best driver for your device in all three cases. Windows will need to copy new files from the Windows CD one or two times, so please have this CD at hand.

  1. The first device will be detected as USB Composite Device. The hardware assistant will ask you for possible locations to search for the driver. Please UNCHECK all the checkboxes here. The assistant will now chose the driver supplied by Microsoft, please use this one to install the device.
  2. The next detected device is the USB Audio Device. Please use the same procedure as in step 1.
  3. The last device is detected as USB Composite Device again. Please activate the checkbox Specify a location and use the Browse button to select the folder C:\USB-HandsetAfter the successful installation of this driver the device is renamed to SwyxIt! USB Handset.

Even if the operating system does not explicitly ask you to reboot, please do so anyway. After the reboot, the SwyxIt! USB Handset will be available as a new audio device. Right now it will be selected in the multimedia control panel as Preferred Audio Device. To play back system sounds, music etc. with your normal speakers again, you may want to open Control PanelMultimedia and switch the preferred audio device back to your normal sound card.

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