Distribution of SwyxIt! via Logon Script (kb2196)

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The installation or update of SwyxIt! can be either done by hand or it can be automated by the administrator in one of the following ways: This articles describes how to distribute SwyxIt! via Logon Script.


The SwyxIt! installation package consisting of
  • Readme.rtf
  • Setup.exe
  • SwyxIt!English_Setup.msi
must be reachable on a network share for the user. Furthermore it is necessary that each user have local administrative priviliges. The following logon script can be used by an administrator to check the necessity of an installation or update on a user login and start it accordingly. @echo off
rem --------- SwyxIt! Update ---------

if exist c:\SwyxIt!400.dat goto skip

start /wait \\fileserver\SwyxIt!4.00\Setup.exe /silent
echo german > c:\SwyxIt!400.dat



The script checks the existence of the file c:\SwyxIt!400.dat. This file is only present on a local user machine if this script has previously installed or updated SwyxIt!. It the file is not present Setup.exe will be startet in so called silent mode. This means that there are no user interactions during the installation/update. Setup.exe checks by itself if an installation or update will be done. Afterwards the file c:\SwyxIt!400.dat will be created to ensure that Setup.exe will not be called again for this SwyxIt! version.


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