Simplify account configuration for voicemail remote inquiry (kb2195)

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2000
  • since SwyxIt! v4.0 / SwyxWare v4.0

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The configuration of the voicemail remote inquiry requires to enter the mail account and password on several locations(Standard Voicemail and within each call routing action or graphical script containing a remote inquiry option). Especiall when using Microsoft Exchange, this becomes very nasty: for authentication will be used the Windows network password. Each time the Windows network password changes, the user has to change the password in the Standard Voicemail settings, and if applicable in some call routing actions and graphical scripts.


When using Microsoft Echange it is recommended to use additional domain accounts for the voicemail remote inquiry.

  1. Create a global group without certain privilegs (e.g. "Remote Inquiry").
  2. Create a new user account that will be used only for voicemail remote inquiry. This account should get a long and complex password. One should use a security policy that locks an account for 30 minutes after three wrong logons. The option "password does not expire" should be enabled. As primary group the just created group "Remote Inquiry" should be used, so that the default group "domain users" can be removed. Additional restrictions could be considered.
  3. On the Exchange Server that account has to be configured for the mail account of that user. For remote inquiry only the privilege "mailbox owner" is required.

The user can now use that account for voiemail remote inquiry, there is no need for changing the password regularly any more.


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