Unintended disconnect of transferring line (kb2175)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v3.22
  • SwyxWare v3.21
  • SwyxPhone L420
  • SwyxPhone L100
  • SwyxWare v3.20

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During an active call on switches to a second line and dials a number. While it is alerting, a blind call transfer is initiated using the "Transfer" key or the menu: the second line becomes inactive, the first line becomes "transferring". If one hooks on the handset now, the connection will be aborted, the call is lost.


A blind call transfer can be initiated by just hooking on the handset: pickup a call on the first line, switch to the second line. Dial the number and hook on the handset while it is alerting.


Has been fixed with new version.

Further Informationen

The problem will be resolved with version 4.00.


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