Strange dialling tone in SwyxIt! (kb2171)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! v3.31 (Remote Inquiry Preview)
  • SwyxIt! v3.30 (Remote Inquiry Preview)
  • SwyxIt! v3.21

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Sometimes one hears a different dialling tone in SwyxIt!: the tones are shorter and played with a shorter pause in between.


This is a new feature: a new received voicemail will be indicated additionally by a new dialling tone. After pressing the voicemail button in SwyxIt! the common dialling tone will be played again. The file DialtoneInternal.wav in the SwyxIt! program folder does contain the common dialling tone. If a voicemail is available, the sound DialtoneMessageWaiting.wav will be played instead. So the behavior can be changed by replacing the file "DialtoneMessageWaiting.wav" by a copy of "DialtoneInternal.wav".


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