Pin assignment of HST S2m (PRI) cable (kb2165)

The information in this article applies to:

  • HST SAPHIR V Primary PCI

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Swyx delivers two different cables along with a HST Saphir V Primary PCI (S2M, primary rate) board. This article describes the pin assignment of both of them.



Sub D 9 Pin to RJ45 plug

Sub D 9 Pin Description Wire RJ 45 Pin * RJ 45 Pin **
1 RX+ white 1 5
5 TX+ green 4 3
6 RX- brown 2 4
9 TX- yellow 5 6

* Cable being provided by Swyx
** The Deutsche Telekom will sometimes also use this pin assignment


Sub D 9 Pin to plain wire

Colour Description Clip old NT symbol * NT symbol *
black shield
green TX+ 5a 0---<--- S2M an/a
yellow TX- 6b 0---<--- S2M an/b
white RX+ 8a 0--->--- S2M ab/a
brown RX- 9b 0--->--- S2M ab/b

* As being used by the Deutsche Telekom


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