Short Message Service for left Voice Mails (kb2079)

The information in this article applies to:

  • Graphical Script Editor v3.20
  • SwyxWare from version 3.20
  • SwyxIt! from version 3.20

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With the Graphical Script Editor, which is part of the Option Pack - Extended Call Routing, short messages can be sent to a mobile phone when voice mails are left.


With the Graphical Script Editor, a short message (SMS) can be sent to a mobile phone when voice mails are left. Mobile phone providers offer so-called Email-SMS-Gateways to implement this service. At least the German "D1" and "D2" offer this service.

  1. Activate Emails on your mobile: This can be done by sending a short message to the following number only containing the text:

    D1:       OPEN to Number 8000
    D2:       OPEN to Number 3400
    O2:      +OPEN to Number 6245
    E-Plus: START to Number 7676245

    With D2 it must be assured that the correct number of the SMS Operator is dialed: +49 172 22 70 333

  2. You will receive an SMS as confirmation, that you can receive Emails In this SMS you also get the Email-Address of the Mobile Phone:


  3. Within the Graphical Script Editor a Send Email block is put behind all places which record a voice mail. As parameter use the Email address as explained in 2. As subject (!) the following can be entered: from SwyxWare v3.2
    Voicemail received at %DateTime()% by %CallerID()% %CallerName()%

    from SwyxWare v4.0
    ="Voicemail received at " & CurDateTime() & " by " & CallerID() & " " & CallerName()

From this moment on the user will receive a short message on his mobile when a voicemail is left. The expenses for this service must be beared by the mobile phone user

  • D1: 0,08 Euro (je SMS)
  • D2: 0,198 Euro (je SMS)
  • O2:      0,20 Euro (je SMS)
  • E-Pus: 0,20 Euro (je SMS)


The %xxx% or Function() variables can be inserted with the xy key to the right of the subject or the mail text.

The option "Attach recorded Message" must not be selected.


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