High-Fidelity with SwyxIt! (kb2077)

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There is a possibility to hook up (hi-fi) ear phones to the adapter box from the SwyxIt! handset instead of the usual pc loudspeakers. The user then can listen to music in hi-fi quality (depending on the sound card), without disturbing other colleagues at work.


Unfortunately, there is a little disadvantage when using this feature for great music listening. The adapter box's output normally matches the pc loudspeakers input. Therefore, deep frequences of <1000 Hz are dampen when using ear phones. The following solutions are possible:
  1. Cheap: Prohibit listening to music at work.
  2. Easy: Instead of ear phones, a headset can be used and the handset can be put away. Tests approve that the SwyxIt! USB Headsets reach hi-fi quality.
  3. Good value for money: Hi-fi purists who would like to use their hi-fi ear phones, can buy an adapter cable (3,5mm stereo jack to 2 x 3,5mm stereo socket) and hook this up to the sound card. This allows using handset and ear phones on a parallel basis. Both, ear phones and handset, offer acoustic call signalling. In any case the ear phones should be taken off when making or accepting a phone call. With this configuration no loudspeakers can be connected to the adapter box. Due to this parallel operation, the music would then be played over the loudspeakers as well.
  4. High-Class: Use hi-fi ear phones and USB handset. Acoustic call signalling can be done through the ear phones or the USB handset, depending on the sound wizard settings.


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